Commercial vehicle fuel cell system
Commercial vehicle fuel cell system "Tuo" series
100% domestic parts, with fully independent intellectual property rights

Adopt highly integrated and modular design, compact structure, easy maintenance, compatible with a variety of vehicle platforms; based on big data status diagnosis and remote communication technology, multiple safety detection and protection design, high stability, high reliability, MTBF≥2000h;

The power coverage of this series of fuel cell systems ranges from 80kW to 150kW, and can be applied to light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles and heavy construction machinery vehicles.

Forklift fuel cell system
Forklift fuel cell system "Qing" series
Customized independent R & D, special for forklift platform

The forklift fuel cell system independently developed by Beijing Wltech can be customized. It adopts modular design with low maintenance cost, strong environmental adaptability, low noise, high reliability, high stability and other characteristics. Refilling hydrogen in 3 minutes, working for 4-6 hours, zero pollution and zero emission, and meets the requirements of “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality". 

Sweeper fuel cell system
Sweeper fuel cell system "Dao" series
Start cleaner green intelligent cleaning

The new generation fuel cell system of sweeper can be customized developed and designed. It integrates the fuel cell system, power battery and hydrogen storage system, saving space and easy maintenance. Refilling hydrogen in 3 minutes, working for 6 hours, low noise and zero emission.

Start a cleaner green intelligent cleaning, and create a better urban environment.