Distributed integrated energy system

Hydrogen is the simplest and most abundant element in the universe. Hydrogen energy is a high-quality secondary energy, which is renewable, clean, efficient and has huge potential. It is an energy carrier that can be produced through renewable energy. It is regarded as an "energy connector" and has an important and close relationship with electricity.

Hydrogen energy is an important track of the global energy technology revolution, and also an important part of China's energy system. The development and utilization of hydrogen energy are critical to improving the country's energy structure. The intelligent distributed integrated energy system based on hydrogen energy is an effective way to use hydrogen energy. The establishment of an energy supply and demand system on both hydrogen and electricity will comprehensively promote the efficient development of energy, economy and ecology.

Beijing Wenli has been committed to the research, promotion and application of hydrogen energy for a long time. The independently developed "Distributed Integrated Energy System" integrates hydrogen energy with wind, light, water, heat and other renewable energies, makes full use of the advantages of various energies, forms a comprehensive energy supply system that complements multiple energy advantages, and uses the power grid as the physical medium, 5G and IOT as the information interaction medium to build an intelligent energy dispatching and control center, Makes energy supply "smart", "modular" and "diversified", promotes the transformation of green energy development, and helping achieve the "30 • 60" dual carbon goal.

WLFCIES series products - "Distributed Integrated Energy System" based on neural dynamic optimization. The rated power of a single module is 500kW. It supports customization, multi module expansion, and multi energy coupling. Through customized solutions, it explores the new mode of green power direct supply and green hydrogen energy storage, greatly improves the level of clean energy consumption, and improves the peak load guarantee capability of regional power grids.

High efficiency
Hydrogen electricity conversion efficiency 57%~65%, Cogeneration efficiency>90%
Intelligent control
Based on the self-developed IES (Integrated Energy System) control system, it is interconnected with other energy control systems and energy collectors to achieve intelligent energy dispatching control in one step
Ambient temperature
- 30 ℃~50 ℃ (10%~95%RH humidity)
Working altitude
≤ 3000m
Design life
≥ 40000h
Power range
The system is a high-power, high-efficiency and modular integrated hydrogen energy storage product, and is a distributed zero carbon emission power generation system based on the core technology of hydrogen energy storage.
According to different application scenarios, the configuration mode and control mode can be flexibly adjusted, with strong environment adaptability, it can be applied to industries, communities, offshore energy and other diverse fields.