Integrated application of solar power - hydrogen production and storage

Integrated application of solar power - hydrogen production and storage The frequent natural disasters caused by global warming and unsustainable resources consumption have become a great challenge for all human. An energy revolution with green and low carbon as the core and renewable energy as the main body has been launched all over the world.

Zero emission - feeling like solar is waiting for hydrogen
Beijing Wltech adopts customized integrated solution of hydrogen production-storage-application with solar energy, builds a hydrogen electricity coupling system of "renewable energy + hydrogen + control", constructs distributed solar station according to local civil conditions, storage, configures customized intelligent DC micro grid combined with hydrogen energy, adopts the optimal economic operation strategy, generates and uses zero carbon green electricity, storages green hydrogen energy, assists industrial parks and urban and rural city transition to a zero carbon economy, contributes to achieve global carbon neutrality goals.
Hydrogen and electricity combine to form a powerful comprehensive energy network
making our energy supply cleaner, smoother and more economical. So that we can obtain more green energy from energy rich areas. At the same time, the intelligent DC micro grid supported by hydrogen energy, which is more flexible and stronger. It can meet the users' various energy demands of "electricity, heat, cold, gas and water".