Brand Logo
Steady heart strength in action, Accelerate the future of hydrogen energy together
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Creative inspiration
Visual expression connects the history of WL Tech to its accelerating future.

The logo is refining from the tilt Angle of the earth's revolution of 66 degree. The logo draws a symbol representing "Energy journey", symbolizing the beginning of a journey of energy. The outer circle is more like a kind of continuous kinetic energy, which opens a more reliable and clean new energy. The clockwise rotation represents the joint move towards a sustainable future, and the continuous cycle of energy means the solidarity of people and the close cooperation with customers.

Gradient energy ring is the basic element of visual recognition of stability technology. Formed the logo, which represents WL Tech's unique ability to respond to customer needs and tailor solutions around them.

The Logo color changes from blue technology to green energy, symbolizing the close connection between the company's history, present and future. With innovative technology as the starting point, Steady heart strength in action Hydrogen brings a zero-carbon life, and firm faith towards the future.

66 Degree

The earth's axis and its plane of revolution are 66 degrees and 34 minutes.

The idea of the tilt Angle comes from the refining of the earth's trajectory, which conveys the idea of protecting the earth and starting a better life with hydrogen!

Our story
Hydrogen, dawn of the Earth, a hopeful energy for future

The earth is always protecting us, some people say that the earth is fragile, in fact, the earth is not fragile, it’s human beings, the earth is not needed to save, it’s human beings.

In the past, human took the resources competition as the core goal. In the future, human will be committed to scientific and technological exploration and environmental protection, and will be switch to the development and utilization of renewable energy and more energy that can bring dawn to the earth.

Global energy using is a complex system, the different elements require different solutions. The Scientists with powerful exploration, breakthrough technology, teach us know how to use the rich resource of the earth. By capturing energy from renewable resources and storing using energy generation methods without any pollution of air and water, thus, it brings us abundant clean energy, as well as appears a variety of new applications, to further enhance human vitality and natural ecosystem, to create a better zero-carbon future!

WL Tech Brochure
Steady heart strength in action
Hydrogen brings a zero-carbon life
WL Tech Zero Carbon Action Manual
To the people who working and living on this “Earth”
Let's focus on the goal of zero emissions from the perspective of the planet,
Through the steady and long-term zero-carbon action,
creates a sustainable environment for the earth.