Cultural Atmosphere
the Starsky sea together

WL Tech create a free, flat, efficient and open working atmosphere for each employee.

If you‘d like to solve the problems on job or discuss the interdisciplinary knowledge, we have the R&D colleague could teach you technical issue, If at some point, you suddenly want to feel the beauty surrounded by sweetness in place, the super God level "stable and sweet" atmosphere group will be immediately in place, birthday party, sports meeting, outdoor development...... Or a poem in the distance and a cup of milk tea, the first time for you sweet honey.

To be stable
Healthy life, happy work
Comfortable office environment
Create a clean and comfortable good office environment. Open office area, tea room filled with coffee, snacks and drinks, bar with a large view of the beautiful scenery outside the window, one-stop coffee and book bar, private indoor gym, outdoor basketball court, badminton court... Happy heart, comfortable body, steady and long.
Perfect health care
we provide each employee and their children are provided with supplementary medical insurance, annual physical examination, occupational health lectures and other health protection services to help employees effectively cope with and relieve the psychological pressure from work and life.