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The 25th China Hi-Tech Fair | Beijing Wenli brought a number of hydrogen technology products to the "Global Clean Energy Innovation Expo"
Wenli 2023-11-16 17:04 Posted in Beijing

On November 15, the 25th China International High-tech Fair (hereinafter referred to as the 25th Hi-Tech Fair), with the theme of "Stimulating innovation vitality and improving the quality of development", continued to follow the "one exhibition and two pavilions" model, and opened at the same time in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian Exhibition Area) and Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao 'an Exhibition Area).

4925 exhibitors from all over China and 105 countries and regions around the world attended the exhibition, and many guest representatives gathered to discuss the development trend and future direction of scientific and technological innovation, and gathered all forces to jointly implement the innovation-driven development strategy.

Beijing Creat was invited to participate in the "Global Clean Energy Innovation Expo" in Baoan Exhibition area of the 25th Hi-Tech Fair, and Beijing Stable Power, a subsidiary of Beijing Creat Holding, brought a number of hydrogen technology products to the exhibition.

As a participant and promoter of new power system, Beijing Creat has been focusing on the field of power distribution for many years, continuously promoting the progress of power technology, advocating technological innovation, and actively participating in the development of new energy field. Today's Beijing Creat while consolidating the advantages of power distribution equipment products, actively layout IGBT, optical storage and hydrogen charging technology, and jointly with the industry's leading enterprises, actively explore the development of new energy business and comprehensive energy service business, and strive to provide the whole industry partners with new energy power generation, energy storage, charging to hydrogen energy application, comprehensive energy management and other integrated solutions.
In the A06 exhibition area of Hall 13, Beijing Wenli exhibited a number of high appearance level hydrogen energy technology products such as commercial vehicle fuel cell system "Tuo" 120+, oil-free centrifugal air compressor "LAN" 280, integrated solution sand table.

The 120kW fuel cell system developed by Beijing Wenli for heavy truck trunk transportation scenario has passed the national strong inspection. This system product "Tuo" 120+, which is developed with high specifications, adopts the ultra-thin graphite plate reactor with high power density and self-developed many core components. The whole machine is compact in structure and the volume power density reaches 520W/L. The mass power density reaches 603W/kg. The test verifies that the system can meet the fast start at low temperature -30℃, achieve stable performance output of the high altitude system, and meet the working conditions and actual market requirements in the field of heavy trucks such as "large load, long endurance, high speed, and good economic benefits throughout the life cycle" under various working conditions. It is suitable for heavy commercial vehicles and heavy construction machinery vehicles of 18 tons and above.

In the exploration of new modes of green power and green hydrogen energy storage application, the sandtable model product of "Integrated solution for light hydrogen storage and application" specially created by Beijing Wenli has brought intuitive display to the audience. Through the modular display of "scenery system", "power distribution system", "hydrogen production system", "hydrogen storage system" and "integrated energy system", the overall sand table clearly presents to the audience the technical exploration from zero-carbon green electricity self-use to clean green hydrogen energy storage application. Hydrogen energy storage is adopted to solve the problem of new energy generation fluctuation, and the stored hydrogen can be used for hydrogenation of hydrogen vehicles. The fuel cell system can also realize the triple supply of cold, heat and electricity.

The "distributed integrated energy system" based on adaptive model control, with a single module rated power of 500kW, supports customization, multi-module expansion, and multi-energy coupling, explores a new energy application model combining green power and green hydrogen energy storage, and improves the flexibility, breadth and depth of green energy applications.
At the same time, a number of core components and products such as oil-free centrifugal air compressors, ultra-high-speed motor controllers, hydrogen ejectors and gas-water separators developed by Beijing Wenli were also unveiled, and a number of independent innovative technological achievements of Beijing Wenli were displayed on the science and technology stage of the 25th High-Tech Fair.

Hydrogen energy is an important green energy that can solve the energy crisis and environmental pollution at the same time, and is the development trend of global clean energy in the future. All along, Beijing Wenli has been steadily moving forward with the spirit of "innovation-driven, hydrogen injection full strength", making full use of self-research and self-made technology precipitation advantages, accelerating industry development opportunities, continuing to make efforts in new product research and development, technology iteration, market development and other aspects, committed to building the whole hydrogen energy industry chain system, hand in hand with global partners, Promote the deep integration of scientific and technological innovation with the energy revolution and the dual-carbon goal, and jointly accelerate the bright future of hydrogen energy.