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Dongfang Electric Group hydrogen energy industry research group visited Beijing Wenli Technology Co., LTD
Wenli 2023-06-13 09:43 Posted in Beijing

On June 11, the hydrogen energy industry research group of Dongfang Electric Group visited Beijing Wenli Technology Co., Ltd. for research, and the company's general manager Wu Wei and deputy general manager Zuo Lin accompanied the research and discussion.

In Beijing Wenli "Hydrogen Qi Zero Carbon Factory", the research team visited the fuel cell research and development intelligent manufacturing system and system test bench based on deepening self-research and self-production capacity, and learned about the flexible production line based on ergonomic design, which can realize the replacement production of commercial vehicle systems and forklift systems by replacing the tooling. The series of fuel cell products created by the production line, It has been put into use in fuel cell heavy trucks, forklifts, sweepers and other fields.

The research group also learned about the core products such as "large flow air supply system", "air compressor" and "controller" independently developed by Beijing Wenli in detail, and realized the high reliability of the products through self-research and self-production to meet the market demand such as low use cost. The leader of the research group said that Beijing Wenli has obvious advantages in innovative technology, test equipment and market development. Fully recognized the market competitiveness of Beijing stability.

During the investigation, through the demonstration of the on-site solution sand table model, the research team intuitively understood the hydrogen-electric coupling operation mode of the "optical hydrogen production and storage and application integration" project, and through the modular display of "wind system", "power distribution system", "hydrogen production system", "hydrogen storage system" and "integrated energy system" on the sand table. A detailed understanding of the WLFCIES series of products of Beijing Wenli - "distributed integrated energy system" based on adaptive model control, single module rated power of 500kW, support customization, multi-module expansion, multi-energy coupling, explore a new energy application model combining green power and green hydrogen energy storage, through the intelligent DC microgrid supported by hydrogen energy. To meet the user's "electricity, heat, cold, gas, water" a variety of energy needs.

At the subsequent symposium, Wu Wei reported to the research group the overall development of Beijing stability, as well as the research and development achievements of innovative technologies and market applications. After listening to the report, the leader of the research team said that the current hydrogen energy industry has entered a new stage of development to accelerate the application of fuel cell technology and the exploration of green hydrogen energy storage, hoping that the two sides will promote cooperation and communication on the basis of win-win development, promote hydrogen energy application exploration and industrial ecological construction, contribute to the high-quality development of the hydrogen energy industry, and help achieve the goal of "double carbon".

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