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The Party's top 20 press centers organized journalists from home and abroad to visit the Beijing Daxing International Hydrogen Energy Demonstration Zone and interview many high-end and sophisticated enterprises in the zone
Wenli Tech 2022-10-19 09:47 Posted in Beijing
The top 20 press centers of the Communist Party of China organized a variety of activities for domestic and foreign journalists. On the morning of October 18, the journalists visited the Daxing International Hydrogen Energy Demonstration Zone in Beijing. In the demonstration area, the journalists successively visited the Hydrogen energy Exchange Center, Hypel Hydrogenation Station, public testing center, fuel cell system production workshop, and interviewed many high-end and sophisticated enterprises in the park, such as Yihuatong and Beijing Wenli.

The report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed to speed up the green transformation of the development mode, implement the overall conservation strategy, develop green and low-carbon industries, advocate green consumption, and promote the formation of green and low-carbon modes of production and lifestyle.

In the "Hydrogen Qi Zero carbon" plant, the head of Beijing Wenli Technology introduced to the reporters in detail the "fuel cell forklift truck", "commercial vehicle fuel cell system", "large flow air supply system", "air compressor" and other core technology products and their parts, as well as through the replacement of tooling to achieve the replacement of heavy truck system and forklift system of flexible production line.

"Hydrogen Qi Zero Carbon" factory is a fuel cell research and development intelligent manufacturing system built by Beijing Wenli based on the deepening of self-research and self-made ability. It has a fuel cell system assembly production line, air floating air compressor test workshop, ultra-high speed motor controller test workshop and other modern production and development centers, aiming to achieve lean production through intelligent manufacturing and strict quality control. Accelerate the market application of fuel cell technology.

"We are encouraged to listen to the report of the Party's 20 National Congress. Hydrogen energy should be the primary driving force in technological innovation, and better promote technological innovation and industrial development in the hydrogen industry."

Ren Juanjuan, deputy director of Beijing Daxing District Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, told reporters that Daxing International Hydrogen Energy Demonstration Zone is based on the mission of practicing the "double carbon" goal, creating an open, innovative and independent industrial ecology, focusing on technological innovation industry development and demonstration application, building a world-class hydrogen energy application model room and the main front of core technology. The leading area of industrial efficient collaboration and the demonstration area with international influence. Ren said the eight core components of hydrogen fuel cells have basically realized domestic autonomy, and the technology is constantly being upgraded.

A number of surveyed enterprises in the park said that the hydrogen energy industry is in the early stage of commercialization. Under the "dual-carbon" goal, the enterprises have made plans to greatly increase the capacity. They are full of expectations for the development of the hydrogen energy industry and believe that more relevant policies will be introduced one after another.

Hydrogen energy is a kind of green and efficient secondary energy, which is regarded as "the ultimate energy in the 21st century". Beijing has issued a number of hydrogen-related policies to provide directions and paths for the development of hydrogen energy. Daxing International Hydrogen Energy Demonstration Zone emerged at the historic moment, and built a "3+4" hydrogen energy industrial ecological system with hydrogenation demonstration station, hydrogen energy exchange center and science and technology park as carriers, supported by industrial funds, enterprise alliances, special policies and test bases.

In the future, with the completion and operation of Daxing International Hydrogen Energy Demonstration Zone and the gathering of many "advanced, sophisticated" enterprises, the hydrogen energy industry will be promoted to achieve high-quality development and make new contributions to China's ecological civilization construction.