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The Hidden driving force of Beijing Kerui: Resonance of the two "wings" of symbiotic innovation ecosystem
Wenli Tech 2022-10-24 09:41 Posted in Beijing
In recent days, Fu Xiaodong, chairman of Beijing Kerui, thought most about how to give full play to the comprehensive advantages of innovative enterprises to help the country's high-level science and technology self-reliance.

As the chairman of Beijing Kerui, Fu Xiaodong is deeply aware of the importance of technological innovation for enterprises. As Beijing Kerui founded in 1988 in China Electric Power Research Institute, the innovation gene has gone deep into the "bone marrow". Fu Xiaodong said, "Enterprises should actively integrate their own science and technology innovation strategy into the national science and technology innovation strategy, do a solid job in science and technology innovation, and contribute to the great cause of realizing the second centenary goal of the country."

The surging power of scientific and technological innovation

Beijing Kerui, born in the science and technology entrepreneurship team of China Electric Power Academy of Sciences, is born with the gene of scientific and technological innovation, so that Beijing Kerui started its business from less than 10 square meters of room in the Academy of Electric Power, and now has not only the headquarters building and research and development base of 25,000 square meters in the core zone of Beijing Zhongguancun Software Park, Zhongguancun, Also in Beijing Huairou, Zhengzhou, Wuhan has an area of more than 300 mu of production base, and set up a number of molecular companies in the country.

On September 28, the delivery ceremony of the first fuel cell sweeper of Beijing Wenli, a subsidiary of Beijing Kerui, was held at the Hydrogen Energy Exchange Center. According to reports, the sweeper is equipped with a new generation of customizable development and design of the fuel cell system, internal integrated fuel cell system, power battery and hydrogen storage system, saving space, easy maintenance, 3 minutes to complete hydrogenation, 6-8 hours lasting work, low noise, zero emissions.

This is just a microcosm of the development of Beijing Kerui. The verisimilar test of primary and secondary fusion on column and distributed DTU project is verified. YB□-40.5/0.8(0.69) High/low voltage preinstalled substation, low voltage switchgear standardized design, high energy efficiency standardized silicon steel solid coil core distribution transformer, high energy saving distribution transformer II, new generation I new energy dry type transformer...... The research and development of each project has witnessed that Beijing Kerui takes "scientific and technological innovation" as the surging power of development.

Today, Beijing Kerui, while consolidating its advantages in the field of distribution equipment products, actively layout IGBT, optical storage and hydrogen charging technology, and cooperate with the industry's leading enterprises, actively explore the development of new energy business and comprehensive energy service business, and strive to provide the whole industry partners with new energy power generation, energy storage, charging, hydrogen energy application, comprehensive energy management and other integrated solutions.

Fu Xiaodong pointed out that "core technologies with independent intellectual property rights are the 'lifeblood' of enterprises. Enterprises must make continuous breakthroughs in core technologies, master more key technologies with independent intellectual property rights, and master the leading position in industrial development. We should give full play to the leading and supporting role of large enterprises, strengthen the building of generic technology platforms, and promote integrated innovation among middle, downstream, large, small and medium-sized enterprises in the industrial chain."

"Two-wheel Drive" in the Symbiotic Innovation Ecosystem

It is based on this understanding that Beijing Kerui regards independent innovation ability as the core competence of the company's persistent focus on building, and takes leading independent innovation as the strategic core advantage of the company's eternal pursuit. According to Fu Xiaodong, the company has developed a "two-wheel drive" strategy, which is to effectively tamp intelligent manufacturing and rapidly develop the energy service industry. While consolidating the advantages in the field of power distribution equipment, we will actively develop new energy business and comprehensive energy service business. Especially in the new energy industry, its core technologies include: integrated energy management technology with intelligent micro-grid and multi-energy complementarity as the core, distributed photovoltaic technology, energy storage technology and hydrogen energy technology, which is the strategic growth point of Kerui.

Fu Xiaodong revealed to reporters that the "base" of the "two-wheel drive" strategy is a strong support for Beijing Kerui to adhere to the independent innovation of core technologies and realize the safety and control of the industrial chain. Beijing Kerui is committed to building the company's internal research and development institution system and the company's external research and development support system; Integrating the technical base of the "old track" and the "new track"; Actively undertake the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements of universities and research institutes, and actively strive to undertake the scientific innovation projects of national laboratories, key laboratories and local product technology centers or key laboratories; Lean production and quality management system to support the realization of scientific and technological innovation goals.

It is noteworthy that Beijing Kerui's scientific and technological innovation has been from research and development to "joint development". It not only actively strives to jointly build a national industrial innovation center with colleges and universities, research institutes and upstream and downstream enterprises of the industry to undertake major national science and technology projects, but also actively seeks opportunities for mixed reform and jointly transforms scientific research institutes to establish industrial research institutes. At the same time, Beijing Kerui actively cooperates with domestic upstream and downstream partners to create a collaborative and symbiotic innovation ecosystem.

The result of scientific and technological innovation is the recognition of the market. According to Zhu Ming, general manager of Beijing Kerui, from the distribution network side of the primary equipment market structure of the proportion of the situation, the company engaged in transformer, distribution box, ring network and column products, accounted for more than 90%.

Zhu Ming further explained that Beijing Kerui each product module has a professional R & D personnel engaged in the corresponding technical research work. By the end of June 2020, the company and its subsidiaries have obtained a total of 176 valid patents, including 52 invention patents, 121 utility model patents and 3 design patents. We have obtained 163 software Copyrights. It has actively participated in the revision of national key scientific research projects (863, etc.) and technical standards, and has participated in the revision of 63 technical standards so far.

Party Building as the Base and Talent as the core "Two-wing Resonance"

In Fu Xiaodong's understanding, improving the ability of independent innovation is a systematic project. Among them, management for the base, talent for the core. In terms of management, we should not only adhere to the leading strategy of scientific and technological innovation, but also strengthen the cohesion and centripetal force from the organization.

According to Miao Liping, Party Secretary of Beijing Kerui, Beijing Kerui gives full play to the role of Party organization and vanguard role of Party members, making Party building a red engine for the sustainable and healthy development of enterprises! On June 29, the Beijing Kerui Party Committee was established. The Party branch not only organizes party members to find problems and think of countermeasures for enterprises, but also puts forward suggestions on clarifying the conditions for selecting and appointing management cadres and trying to compete openly in terms of cadre management and team construction, improving the assessment mechanism and training mechanism of management cadres, and making cadres younger.

Miao said the Beijing Kerui Party Committee and discipline inspection Commission will make talent training a priority. We will strengthen the ideological development of non-Party members, integrate professional ethics into their job duties and work standards, and build a team of professionals with strong professional capabilities and high political quality. We will improve the mechanism for selecting and training officials, improve their work style and discipline, and ensure that enterprises are sustainable.

Not only that, Beijing Kerui to strengthen human resources as the core work, actively cultivate innovative awareness of talent team. We will carry out institutional innovation, optimize the equity incentive and dividend mechanism, increase rewards for scientific and technological innovation, strengthen the exchange and interaction of work experience of mass entrepreneurship and innovation, and stimulate the vitality of independent innovation among employees.

Beijing Kerui is building its own talent highland. According to Zhu, as of the end of June, the number of research and development staff in Beijing Colley Group accounted for 14.7 percent, of which 9.7 percent were those with a master's degree or above, and 62.5 percent were those with a bachelor's degree.

Today, Beijing Kerui, relying on the party building as the base and talent as the core, has become a new technology enterprise combining intelligent manufacturing and energy services. Under the background of the national "dual carbon" strategy, Beijing Keri independently developed the "source - network - load - storage" Hui Yun CR8000 comprehensive energy control and service platform, the integrated solution of "EMS+BMS+PCS+ fire control + net-related control", the hydrogen-electric coupling system green energy development mode of "renewable energy + hydrogen + control"...... Is becoming a "new engine", showing a surging power to promote the realization of the national "double carbon" goal.