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And stabilizing force pushing the hydrogen industry development | Beijing to attend the zhongguancun hydrogen and fuel cell technology innovation industry alliance the first sessions of the general assembly
Wenli Tech 2022-09-09 20:03 Posted in Beijing
On the morning of September 8th, the second meeting of the 1st General Assembly of Zhongguancun Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Technology Innovation Industry Alliance (hereinafter referred to as the "meeting") was successfully held in Beijing Daxing International Hydrogen Energy Demonstration Zone.

Leng Shaolin, deputy Director of Materials Industry Division of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, Ren Juanjuan, deputy director of Daxing District Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, Liu Yajie, chairman of Shuimu Xingchuang, operator of the Park, attended the meeting. Representatives of the Alliance, governing units, supervisory units, member units and the secretariat team attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Professor Han Minfang of Tsinghua University, Executive Vice president of the Alliance.

The meeting was held in the form of "online + offline", including the agenda of "speech and initiative, alliance work report, introduction of plans for new board members, voting for co-election of board members and vice chairman units, introduction of Beijing Hydrogen energy industry support policy", and the whole meeting was live streamed online.

Conference speech and hydrogen industry initiative link, first by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology Materials Industry Department deputy Director Leng Shaolin delivered a speech. Deputy Director Leng Shaolin congratulated the convening of the meeting, introduced the development and promotion of Beijing's hydrogen energy industry, such as the implementation of the implementation plan, comprehensive demonstration planning, policy and measure issuance, and expressed his gratitude to the secretariat of the Alliance and the core backbone enterprises for their support and cooperation. He hoped that the Alliance could further play its role as a platform to efficiently integrate advantageous industrial resources. Jointly promote the development of hydrogen energy industry in Beijing.

Zhang Guoqiang, chairman of the Alliance and chairman of Yihuatong, affirmed the work of the Alliance secretariat in his subsequent speech, believing that under the guidance of the competent government departments and the joint efforts of the core member units and the secretariat team, the Alliance has become a highly influential industry platform in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei hydrogen energy industry. Zhang Guoqiang pointed out that under the new situation, the alliance should strengthen the core backbone of the alliance with an open and win-win strategic thinking, expand the business layout, and better play the role of serving members, the industry and the government as a platform.

In the election session of the meeting, Hua Qingsong, deputy secretary-general of the Alliance, first introduced the plan of the new governing units and the 13 candidate units in detail. Sun Dongsheng, chief supervisor of the Alliance, presided over the election and acted as the chief vote supervisor. After the election, 13 candidates, including Jingneng Group, Tianhai Industry, CSSC Parui Hydrogen Energy, Huadian Heavy Industry, Shougang Research Institute of Technology, CIMC Anruike, Dongfang Electric Hydrogen Energy, petrochina Exploration Institute, 101 Aerospace Institutes, China Quality Certification Center, Beijing Power Source, Zhongke Fuhai and Shuimu Xingchuang, were elected as directors of the alliance. Li Junliang, chief expert of Yanshan Petrochemical, Zhang Yinguang, General manager of Guohydrogen Technology, Qin Zhidong, vice president of Beiqi Foton, Sui Xiaofeng, deputy general manager of Jingneng Group, Zhang Jiheng, general manager of Tianhai Industry, and Zhang Yuguang, general manager of CSSC Parui Hydrogen Energy were officially elected as vice chairmen of the alliance.

Sui Xiaofeng, deputy general manager of Jingneng Group, delivered a speech on behalf of the new deputy director general of the alliance. He said that Jingneng Group will actively integrate into the overall development layout of the hydrogen energy industry in Beijing, strengthen the cooperation with the member units of the alliance in scientific and technological work, demonstration layout, industrial promotion and other aspects, and fully support the work and development of the alliance.

In the section of proposal introduction, Qi Zhigang, Secretary-General of the Expert Committee of the Alliance, introduced the proposal of establishing the Standardization Working Committee and the Liquid hydrogen Professional Committee of the Alliance to the conference, and explained the background, organization setting and work planning of the proposal in detail. The proposal was formally approved by the conference.

As a high-tech enterprise focusing on the design, development, production and sales of fuel cell systems and components (BOP), Beijing Wenli was selected as the first member of Zhongguancun Hydrogen Energy and Fuel cell Technology Innovation Industry Alliance in 2021. At present, Beijing Wenli has formed a business model with "fuel cell system development technical services", "fuel cell air system and hydrogen system design and development", "optical hydrogen storage and application integration" as the core, committed to become a high-end solution provider of optical hydrogen storage and application integration, global air compressor and fuel cell system product leadership brand.

Hydrogen energy is an important part of the future national energy system, an important carrier of energy terminal to achieve green and low-carbon transition, and a key development direction of strategic emerging industries. It plays an important supporting role in achieving the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutrality. In the next step, Beijing Wenli will actively take advantage of the diversified influence of Zhongguancun Hydrogen Energy and Fuel cell Technology Innovation Industry Alliance platform, such as "member service, government service, industry research, international cooperation, public publicity", to promote the rapid application of hydrogen energy in transportation, construction, energy storage and other fields, so as to achieve the smooth realization of the dual carbon goal of continuous energy. Further strengthen exchanges and cooperation with member units of the Alliance, jointly promote the high-quality development of hydrogen energy industry, and jointly accelerate the bright future of hydrogen energy.